Backpacking in India

India, a country of exotic cultures and vastly divergent landscapes, is the perfect place for a backpacking trip. Backpacking in India has grown in popularity in recent years. From the bustling streets of Mumbai to grand hotels in Jaipur to the rugged slopes of the Himalayas, India always offers something spectacular to see and something exciting to do. Whether you’re a veteran backpacker or just venturing out for the first time, this country is sure to enthrall you with its incredible scenery and enrich you with its plethora of cultures. One of the world’s oldest and most diverse nations, India always makes for an exciting backpacking trip.

Before you start backpacking in India, there are a few key points to know. Be sure to thoroughly research the country and its customs before starting your trip. Be sure to always carry a map or GPS with you at all times. And, as always, take care of any passport or travel issues the moment they arise.

One of the top destinations for backpackers to India is Mumbai, the country’s largest city. Mumbai is a massive city of cosmopolitan towers, diverse cultures and world-class landmarks. Mumbai’s top attractions include the iconic Gateway of India arch as well as sites like the Hanging Gardens, the Mumbadevi Temple and the Flora Fountain. The city is also home to renowned museums like the Prince of Wales Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Nehru Planetarium. Mumbai also boasts many unique neighborhoods that are worth exploring.

Delhi is another great city worth visiting on a backpacking trip. The capital of India, it boasts a wealth of fantastic sites and landmarks to see. One of Delhi’s top attractions is the historic Red Fort, a stunning piece of architecture that dates back to 1648. Elsewhere, backpackers in Delhi will find magnificent sites like the Qutub Complex, Humayun’s Tomb, the National Museum and the towering India Gate.

Outside of its main cities, India holds many phenomenal sites as well. The most popular and iconic is the famed Taj Mahal, a must-see for any backpackers in the country. The Goa region boasts beautiful colonial architecture and some of India’s finest beaches. Other great places to visit include the Golden Temple, the Sangla Valley and the breathtaking city of Srinagar.

No matter where you visit in India or Langkawi on a backpacking trip, you’re sure to have a memorable and fun time.